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House Keeping & Maintenance Services 

House Keeping

Please Find Our Property Quote for Full-Service Property & Rental Services

PMI Aspen Snowmass is your only full-service luxury property management company in the Roaring Fork Valley. Our experienced and dedicated staff specialize in providing homeowners with outstanding property management services and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of your home’s maintenance and repairs.

We are the local experts with over 16 years in the short-term Vacation Rentals and Hospitality Management in the area.

Property Management Service

Rate (Per Person, Per Hour)

Housekeeping (Owner)


Housekeeping (Guest)


General Maintenance


Skilled Maintenance


Concierge Services


Accounting /Administrative Support


After-Hours Maintenance


General Manager Support


Licensed Professionals*


*(price varies based on professional provider)

  • 5% - 20% Markup on Supplies: Under $500, +15% | Over $500, +10%
  • 15% Markup on Construction/Repairs: Under $500, +15% | Over $500, +10%

Your monthly fee for a 5 -6-bedroom home located in Snowmass on our exclusive management contract with rentals is $168 and $210 a month.

This monthly fee includes 24/7 on call management and once a week full walkthrough of the entire property inside and out. 

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